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  1. Figured it out. There was a washer that wasnt installed correctly at the factory that was binding things up.
  2. Just got the 500x today and am trying to setup the pedal calibration. I have tried to calibrate it according to the directions in the manual and when i get to the automatic selection of the Scaled pedal value I should be getting values from 0-255. The lowest value i am able to get is a 14 while in the heel position and that is with the pedal in the absolute most bottomed out position. Am i missing something here? Unless i take a file and file down the stop that the rubber pad is mounted on i cannot get a 0 reading.
  3. It definatly makes life easier :)
  4. Finally, thanks silverhead. The conversion program worked fine once i ran it as administrator!
  5. I originally tried the drag and drop method, when i drag the file over into the edit program i get an error that says "Invalid data found in one or more of the patches. These patches have been reset and named "New Tone(Reset)". Also when i run the conversion program from the link above the program isnt able to find the downloaded .hre file from the hard drive when i browse for it.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Ill give it a try once i get home.
  7. Sorry if this question has been asked a million times, i searched and didnt really find any info on it but can you load a patch with a .hre extension from an hd pro onto a 500x. The patch in question is located below. I just recently ordered an hd500x and have yet to receive it I am just trying to figure the software out a little in advance. Thanks http://line6.com/customtone/tone/220199/
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