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  1. Thank you! I appreciate the response. I believe we've already gotten our router and it's an apple one so that it would be compatible with all of our other apple products. I'll send this blog to our techie guy and let him figure it out. I really like the reviews of this mic and think it's the best one for my purposes.
  2. I'm considering buying a used Line6 XD-V70 and have been reading the forums and reviews about this wireless microphone. I'm reading about interference with Wifi and computers and some of the fixes involved. There is a reference to RF1 and RF2 schemes and it is all very confusing to me. We are using the Mackie DL 1608 board with ipads and iphones on stage so we can run the main sound, but we will each have our own ipad or iphones to run our individual monitor mixes. We are also using all in ear monitors, some wireless and some wired. I believe the wireless are the Shure PSM200. In order to do this, we will have a wireless router on stage (or nearby) so we can run all our apple products. Will the XD-V70 wireless mic be compatible for this situation? I imagine that I would use it on the low setting which sounds like it should work. But, I don't want to buy something online and used unless I know that it is going to work. Does anybody know the answer to this? I am not a techie sound person. I'm the female lead singer. I just want the best wireless mic that I can get for my money and this Line6 sounds like the best one for my needs. Unless it makes our Mackie/ipad board no longer work! Thanks!
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