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  1. I'm pretty disappointed that the Native plugin can't be controlled externally by a foot controller. Personally, I'd find that very useful. I didn't even think to look that up before I bought it - - stupid me. I hope they get it working soon or I might regret buying the plugin, because I honestly didn't 'need' it.
  2. Does anyone know if Line 6 is considering designing a new version of Pod Farm or something like it that will be better or comparable to BIAS FX, Amplitube 4, Revalver 4, etc, or are they just expecting everyone who wants something better to buy a Helix? If there's any info on this, I'd really like to know before I purchase something else.
  3. I did it with my JSX fairly easily....I'm not exactly sure how to do it with this amp.
  4. I have played with it a bit now....and for sure the amp destroys the POD. Hands down, no comparison. Honestly, I just wish there was a way to use the pod for effect in the loop while using it for gate and od in the front. If anyone know of a way to do this without demolishing the natural tone of the amp, that'd be great. If its impossible, I'll just get another g-major or a 3dfx 2000 or something.
  5. I'm confused a bit, I didn't say anything about cable length....unless I'm missing something. Yes, I keep it on the clean channel when using 2cm, which I prefer. I accidently changed the channel though and it was a hug volume and tone difference - so I was curious if anyone was using it this way and what they thought.
  6. Is anyone here using the HD500x with a Mesa Triple Rec? If so...how are you using it? If you use 2cm, what way to you do it? Do you go into the amp return - and if so, what channel do you prefer the amp on in this configuration? Or do you just 2cm into the front of the amp? Do you use 4cm? I just got this amp and was comparing it to the pod - and I guess I have some stuff to learn about the way the amp works with the hd500. If anyone could provide some insight for me....thank you very much.
  7. deejones

    Firmware 2.6

    The list of new stuff available is pretty good, I admit. There are a few obvious one that we'd all like to add, but I kinda with the L6 Chunk Chunk was in there.
  8. deejones

    Firmware 2.6

    2 days left, right? Or has it changed to 'whenever' they get done with it?
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