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  1. Hi,I have had my JTV Variax 59P for a few months now and decided to change the strings today. When I removed all the strings to give the guitar a clean the graphite nut popped out. Is this normal for the nut to be like this or should it be glued into place? Thanks in advance.
  2. Has anyone who received an email from line 6 on this issue had any updates? Last contact I had was on March 26th.
  3. Great your amp is fine, which is how it should be. I have had two amps which were not and Carlos and archtopeddy are another example.....how many more people will notice this defect when they crank up their amp up to the required level for this very irritating situation to happen. Unfortunately I have another amp on the way which due to the retailer testing I already know has the same issue but they tested three amps with all of them having the same outcome. Since I have bought an ipad for this amp I feel obliged to stick with it so I requested they send me another one. Overall it might be just a small percentage of amps that have this issue but it's the same for all of us who are investing our hard earned money into this piece of equipment, it's not acceptable. Under no circumstances should the customer feel the need to fix or modify to make a product work/ acceptable. How many times can you send a piece of equipment back to a store before you start feeling a nuisance.
  4. Line 6 should have picked up these issues before they released the amp. Customers should not have to resort to cracking open the amp to fix the problem.
  5. Yes it is good that they are looking into this issue. I have my new amp arriving on Monday which I already know has an issue. I have returned two amps and the second amp was much worse than the previous one. The store wanted the second amp back to test before they sent me out a new one ( not sure if they believed me or not ) think they might of thought I was too fusy. I have waited a week for a response and today I was given an option of my money back, replacement or an exchange for another product. They told me they tested three amps and found the same issue with all three when you hit that certain volume it kicks in. I thought about exchanging for the hd500x as I really liked the look of this product in the first place but unfortunately I have had to settle for a replacement as I feel since I bought an ipad specifically for use with the Amplifi I would have wasted more money. I guess I will just have to grin and bare it. Shame because the hd500x looks better and better every time I do more research on it. Nevermind I will give Line6 the serial number of the amp as soon as I get it.
  6. Has anyone else had an email from Line 6 regarding the vibration issue? I received a personal message requesting the serial number of the amp, they say they are looking into it.
  7. Charlyg. Did you get round to cranking your amp up?
  8. Received the replacement today and yes the same problem still exists. I think that my mind is made up though, I really like the amp and if I did exchange it for another product I actually would miss it. I will just have to play at a lower volume ( to my neighbors relief ) so I don't send myself crazy. The ease of use I really enjoy, the plug in and play aspect of the product is great. The editing app is a breeze to use, and as a portable speaker it's fab. So the vibration at high volumes sucks but the good I suppose out weighs the bad.
  9. Well the Amplifi 150 is going back to the store. I cannot stand it any longer the vibration from the cab is really that bad. Getting it exchanged so will report back, but don't hold out much hope. A friend of mine also bought the 150 amp and we checked his out at the same volumes and sure enough along came that buzzing, though I must say it was not as extreme on his amp as mine. It's such a shame because I'm really enjoying this amp but it will be restricted to lower volumes from now on to keep my sanity. Lol. Unless the new one is as solid as a rock.
  10. Ok cool. I use a LP style guitar if that's any help, as I have already mentioned in an earlier post clean, distortion, it don't really matter it's when you sustain a note, it goes absolutely nuts when using notes from around the 5th fret to say the 12th fret. Bottom three strings seem to be the worst offenders. Thanks for testing in advance. Very helpful. :)
  11. Hi Archtopeddy. I can tell you when my amp start's to vibrate. Guitar input 75% Volume of amp around 50 to 60%. No music playing. All tones seem to activate the vibration but even clean tone played on neck pick up at this level produces very bad vibration. Back panel and where the channel controls are suffers the worst. If I hold a note and let it sustain the amp goes into total buzz mode. I have the 150 model.
  12. Hi, Did you take your amp back? Mine has started to have the vibration issue you mentioned. Weirdly enough it also only happens on certain notes.......especially the A note on the sixth string. The vibration is very irritating and the back panel just keeps buzzing but it is not as bad during music playback. Just wondering if you did exchange your amp do you still have the same problem with the new one. Is it possible that we have had the amps turned up too loud?
  13. Damn.............so to get those lovely acoustic sounds I will have to purchase a variax. :(
  14. Nice job!!! Sound is very good especially the acoustic and clean tones. How you getting them to sound so nice and bright. I have the 150 and everything that come through the amp just sounds muffled, like playing with a blanket over the amp. I'm beginning to think the amp is faulty. Have you published any of the tones you have created, it would be nice to compare the same sound on my amp just to establish if I do have an issue going on. That's if you don't mind. :)
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