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  1. Ha! That was it thanks guys. I've oddly never noticed the 'FX loop' button in the chain and turning that on and adjusting the mix did the trick. Now I'm back to dialing in sounds. It's amazing how much each pedal has an effect on the sound.
  2. Thanks! I do have the amps on the Firehawk turned off. Is it normal for the oranges amp controls to be completely disabled then? It doesn't sound like I'm getting the oranges pre amp as the gain and tone shaping knobs are all bypassed still.
  3. Edit: Switching output mode from 'Line' to 'Amp fixed the volume issues - still working on the pre amp part of it though :) Progress is progress!
  4. Hi folks, I bought an Orange tube amp to have something 'tubey' to mess around with. The dry sound is great but would like to add some delay/reverb and the option to put a tube screamer model in the front. My goal is to 'preserve' the Orange's pre amp so that it's gain, volume, and tone shape knobs all work. I currently have my firehawk wired to the Orange using the 4 cable method: http://guitargearfinder.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/4-cable-method-hd500x.jpg My issue is that now it is as if the pre amp is completely bypassed on the Orange (the volum, gain, tone shape etc is ignored). As a result, it's like the power amp is on full volume and from the Firehawk, I had to turn down the guitar/master output down to basically nothing. On the firehawk side, I have the 'amp' and 'cab' models to none. Is there something else I need to do? Or is there a better way to wire the firehawk to the amp? Again, my goal is to keep the knobs on the Orange amp working and just add a bit of delay, reverb, and boost in the front. Thanks for any help/suggestions! Best, Marc
  5. Thanks Silverhead Guess I might do a good old fashioned Craigslist swap then.
  6. Hi folks, Even though I've been using Line 6 products for a while, I only just discovered what the 'dream rig' is. I currently have a Line 6 Firehawk and was wondering if I could use it with the DT25 + Variax the same way the POD HD500X does. On a side note, does anyone know where I can find a 'package' deal on the dream rig? I imagine there has to be a retailer who will discount the package if you buy the DT25 + Variax (and maybe even a PODHD500X) all together. Thanks in advanced! Marc
  7. Hi all, I'm getting slight latency when playing the POD HD PRO X through my home theater. I haven't had the chance to buy a PA system yet for it. I plan on doing that for band practices but when I'm at home, I rather sit in my theater room and play through the surround sound I have It's going from the 1/4" headphones out to a converter to 1/8" into the theater system. The system does have an Aux in with the white and red cables but using SPDIF out from the Line 6 to those inputs do not work on this system unless I'm doing something wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove that latency in the home theater setup? Will going through USB -> Laptop (high end) -> HDMI on the home theater system be better? Thanks! Marc
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