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  1. OK thanks for the confirmation Mr A. I was hoping there was a hidden setting configurable with a magic key combination or something. It sounds like a hard architectural limitation. I'll guess I'll plan on getting the analog outs up and going.
  2. OK so my firmware version is 1.4
  3. Shoot, I just found that Legacy/POD/POD Pro forum. Mods, feel free to move this. There isn't much traffic over there, though.
  4. Hey gang, new member here and longtime Pod user. I've been using my rackmount Pod 2.0 Pro for recording for a long time, mostly using the SPDIF output direct to a recording interface. Recently I added some outboard effects in the form of an Eventide harmonizer to the 1/4" stereo send/return path on the back of the Pod. The effects can be heard on the stereo headphone jack, however the signal on the SPDIF output does not have the outboard effects (only the Pod onboard effects). This is a major showstopper. I'm at work and don't have the firmware version details, but I can post it later if this issue is in any way related to that. I'd guess that I can migrate over to the analog line outs as a workaround, but the SPDIF out works well in my application (at least up until now...)
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