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  1. There's a bandit stolen in the name of line 6!, we know that's nothing on law will punisher you, but everybody will knows that you don't make nothing for break it!, nothing for defender the name of line 6!, and the bandit will go on!, while you lose your time trying to conviced me,???,fact is fact, the bandit to be there using your name!, I will not to be only!.
  2. What less means here it's the mine or your opnion!, the fact is, that the stolen is there and you don't make nothing!!!!!, fact!!!.
  3. Victim, ?????, the seller and his store to be inside the web site!!!, by mounths!!!, and nobody knews?, nobody make nothing?, the only victim was me, and everybody will knows what's going on!, let's wait that police find this stolen so, thanks for your little help!, they will go robbing others person!!!, for sure!!!.
  4. I get all defender of all musician from line 6, but I can prove that I was robbed!, and I won't to stop until the boxes over here or they give my money back!, this seller is there by mounts and nobody of line 6 knows?, I'm write again for to try some answer of manager of line 6, the number of his store on Aliexpress is 1019787, and the ID of product is 1637072224, everybody can check if wanter!, (spider jam 75 wats), I have sure that with a simple call phone the manager finished my problem, if he wanter..., thanks, I waiting for some reply!, Edgar.
  5. I made a purshase on the Aliexpress website and after making the payment the seller and all the ads disapiared!, but the website and the sellers are give by manifactures on the internet, now what should I do?, thanks for your atention!, Edgar.
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