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  1. Yesterday I got an email notice saying these amps are now in stock on Musicians Friend. I am still hoping that somebody from Line 6 can answer my question since they are brand new on the market and nobody has any real experience with one yet. As far as I can tell there is no XLR direct out from the amp. Also with this many speakers on a guitar amp all serving different functions at the same time how would it best me mic'd at a live show? Can you put a single mic to the Celestion and get the full processed signal? Without these questions answered assuming that there is no speaker emulated line out, and the possibility that it may take a couple of mics at a larger live show, then it would only be good for rehearsals and small gigs where the band is not mic'd up and that would be a shame. Line 6 please provide some insight on this.....
  2. I haven't had much luck on the "stupid" question I asked either but it is similar. According to everything I have read all of the speakers are used when playing the guitar. The main speaker giving off the "dry" guitar tone, and the smaller speakers giving the "wet" or effects signal. When playing music trough the system all speakers are also active as well. What I was trying to determine is if there was a full signal direct out that could be sent to the mixer at a live show, and if not if there were any special mic'ing concerns to get the full sound of the amp as I am not sure just putting a mic on the main guitar speaker is going to be sufficient to capture the fully processed guitar signal. This could be a problem. If it can only be effectively used as a stand along amp then its only going to be good for rehearsals and small club gigs where you are not micing up the band. I really like the idea of this amp, but do not want to spend $499 on a practice amp that I cannot easily use at larger live shows.
  3. Hi Everybody, I have been looking at this new amp it would be the first modeling amp I have owned. Everything is looking pretty good and the foot controller that can be purchased separately would certainly make everything work out for live gigs. I am pretty excited about the possibilities with this amp. The thing that is bothering me is that I cannot see anywhere that it has any XLR direct out to the sound board. Also, the Anderton demo of this amp had them using multiple mic's and that is going to be a problem. Since I have never seen a guitar amplifier use this type of speaker set up I would imagine that sticking a single mic on the Celestion speaker is not going to be ok.....or is it? What would be the solution? I was hoping from some advice from all of you and from the guys from Line 6 on this. Thanks for your help.
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