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  1. you mean 1/4' TS or TRS? Im afraid of shorting one of hot wires to the ground(sleeve in TS can short trs terminal (ring)
  2. That happens while playing every song. I've heard of that before, it is a problem with real time packet data synchronization. but I can't find anything else, solution or whatever . you can check that with your Android phone. maybe line6 support can do something with this, but first they do need to have that reported. if somebody else notice that, we can do something.
  3. Hi everybody.i need your help in two topics. 1). when I'm playing music from my Galaxy S4 Bluetooth, I have a problem with intonation / pitch. my guitar is tuned(and set properly-so it isn't because of guitar) and when I'm trying to play along the song, its nightmare. I've noticed, that the playback speed is changed comparing to that song played from analog phone output /any other sources. pitch is around 1/4-1/2 tone higher that it should be. that completely kills a joy of playing along songs via Bluetooth through amplifi fx100. do any of you also noticed that problem, and maybe have a solution for that? 2).i have active monitor speakers. they have RCA inputs. I want to connect them to my amplifi fx100, but the PA output is balanced 1/4 x 2 - left and right. what type of cables /adapters I should use to connect my amplifi balanced outputs to speakers 2x RCA unbalanced inputs?
  4. Thank you very much for your help. Once i get USB cable (line6 not selling amplifi fx100 with), I'll flash new firmware and try to recalibrate, Then post if it worked. ;)
  5. Hi. My new fx100 just arrived. I've tried to use expression pedal, and what Im notice from the beginning, is that the expression pedal not working good. Its not working full travel. From heel position when mi moving it, its not responsing at all. From the middle position the toe working good. I tried recalibrate it-and the display shows 00 until its in the early middle position. After that Point, the Values changes. Does this is normal, or mine fx100 is not ok?
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