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  1. It should yeah, at the very least all I would need are some decent reverbs/harmonizers for the solos and I'll be a very happy man. I've already been more than content with my almost 10 year old pod so far, so if this works out and I can give it a 2nd life 'live', It'd be awesome! ;) (Especially if I can sell all those pedals then... they're good, but I'd like to keep it simple with the equipment I already have and am satisfied with)
  2. Hey Triryche, Thanks very much for your tip! (First decent one in a long time :) ) I'm guessing, in order to maintain the Engl's natural Ultra Gain distortion, it could work for the rhythm parts by disabling the amp/cab modeling and switching the pod to a clean channel (guessing here). But I'm not sure what it'll do to my other patch, the solo channel, which does require the modeling, reverb and such... Or is the 'disable amp/cab modeling' an option for every patch? I've never used that so... :) In any case, I'll try it out during our next rehearsal next week and post the results here. Let's get that to work first and then let's see where the Hush unit comes in :) Thanks again! ;-)
  3. Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for a while now. I've always been a studio musician, but have recently been on the road with a band again. For that, I got myself an Engl Fireball tubeamp and some pedals to go with it :) But, apart from the Engl's own distortion sound for rhythms (which is great), my good old Podxt has some great solo sounds in there I've been tweaking and using for years. Did I mention I hate pedals? So, I'm desperately looking for a way to connect my Podxt to the Engl amp for the solos, but bypass it for the rhythms. Thus being able to get rid of all my pedals (except for the floorboard ofcourse) I'm also working with a Rocktron Hush Ultra rack unit in the FX loop. Is there a way to do this or something that comes close to a solution using these three things (amp, Podxt, Hush unit)? I'm going slightly mad trying to find a way for this. (I'm a complete disaster when it comes to live gear) :-) Any help or info will be greatly appreciated as you can see I really need some :) (and I can't even seem to get a single answer anywhere) Thanks!
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