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  1. jballard2140

    Question about new "old" models in the upcomming Metal Pack

    Are any of the new model packs going to be available to install on the DT series amps as a native topography? It's the same modeling, correct? They just need to make it so that it can be installed via the DT Editor.
  2. jballard2140

    FX100 Direct To Amp

    This is a question for the Colonel. I have the DT25 and I just returned my HD500x and got the much simpler FX100. My question is does the pre-amp settings on the FX100 take the place of the preamp settings on the DT25, or are they added together? If I run the main outs on the fx to the DT25 fx loop, does that bypass the DT25 preamp and just use the power side of the amp (the topography?)? This question will make more sense with an example. Lets say I use one of the factory preset tones and hook up the FX100 the normal way (amp out to the front of the amp). Without touching the preamp controls on either the FX100 or DT25, changing the topography changes the tone. If I hook up the FX100 to the DT25 using main out to the front of the amp will that be the same tone? If I run the FX100 from the Main Outs to the fx in on the DT25 will that bypass the DT25 preamp?