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  1. So i downloaded the laster drivers for the 003, bought a new pair of spdif cables from guitar center, made sure i was connected properly between the 003 and pod hd pro x, tried updating all the setting in pro tools, and it still says invalid clock source when i try and use the spdif connection. At this point i'm thinking it's a problem with my actual pod hd pro.
  2. No I'm not using the line6 link. I tried setting pro tools and the pod to 96khz and I'm still not getting any signal.
  3. Ok I will try 96khz, I was using 48khz before. When I try to enable S/PDIF in the 003 rack it keeps saying the external clock source is invalid.
  4. I'm trying to hook my pod hd pro x to my 003 rack via s/pdif. I purchased two of these, but i'm not getting any signal. Is this the wrong cable for using s/pdif? I'm new at this and any help would be appreciated. Thanks! http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3540789&umt_content=CT4379539&umt_campaign=Category_CMS&umt_source=CAT&umt_medium=RSCOM
  5. I'm trying to hook up my POD HD PRO X to my 003 rack via S/PDIF and it's not going well at all. First off under hardware setup in pro tools my pod doesn't even show up under peripherals, only the 003 does. I tried putting the optical format to S/PDIF and setting the clock source to external (to use the POD HD PRO clock) but it said external clock source was invalid. Then i tried setting the optical format to ADAT and the clock source to S/PDIF but that also said invalid clock source. I'm pretty sure I'm using the right cables. I bought 2 digital audio coax cables. Its going out the 003 to the input of the pod hd pro and out the pod hd pro to the input of the 003. At this point I don't even know what to do anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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