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  1. Just as an example of something with more gain, here's a quick clip of the Brit 2204 preset with the magnetic bridge pickup of a JTV 59 Variax. A boosted JCM800 is one of my favourite all time tones, so I know it well. You can hear that bark in there, but it's buried under a lot of fuzz. http://soundcloud.com/nik73-2/test
  2. That's really interesting miki, it's actually all outputs on mine as well. I've tried every kind of reset a few times, but no improvement. Best thing is it cleared up. Fingers crossed mine does. Though I'm not sure about the grounding thing and the footswitches. Never had a problem with that with any other bit of gear. Just as an update, Line 6 have been great and someone's going to call me to see if we can sort it or establish if it is a fault.
  3. Sorry, I meant every relevant setting in the global settings for ins and outs. Just general fiddling to see if there was any change. Thanks though rick. I'm not too concerned as it's only a couple of weeks old and the store I got it from have great customer service. More the inconvenience as they're hard to come by in the UK at the minute, or were last time I checked.
  4. Thanks everyone. Thanks eric, I did try that, but it only succeeds in cleaning up the tone by the time it's low enough to get rid of the noise. I don't have that bit of kit to try it now, but I've tried loads of different combinations of guitars and leads and sockets, including three other houses. All the same, but the switches don't buzz without a guitar connected even if the lead is left in. I have 11 guitars and the same number leads and they all do it when a guitar is connected. Not that I can see pal. I thought it might have been there since I got it, but after trying some higher gain tones again there's no way it was there. They're all just a fizzy mess. Weirdly, on some really high gain presets any music played over usb is also distorted in the same way. I've tried every setting rick, but there's no change in it. Even if you turn the Helix volume down to pretty much minimum, it's still there. I've tried turning the level down in each preset or globally and even right down the distortion is still there. Thanks again guys, I've submitted a ticket to Line 6 so see where we go, but I might contact the shop I bought from as well.
  5. Evening all, First post, but I recently picked up a Helix and was running it through my home cinema setup as a stopgap. Last week I picked some half decent headphones (AudioTechnica ATX-40) and noticed that nearly every preset has some weird kind of distortion like the output level is way too high and there's some clipping. The only ones that aren't affected are the crystal clean ones, but anything with any gain sounds really fizzy and not good. Same with patches created from scratch or cuts ones I've downloaded. It was REALLY noticeable when I ran it through my 100w Marshall at volume. So here's what I've noticed/tried, but no joy, so I come to you all and bow to your wisdom. Help!! - I've tried lots of different guitars and lots of different leads to the input, but they're all the same. Even with the Line 6 connection and the Variax, which is the worst when using a modelled guitar. - I've tried lot's of different outputs like headphones, home cinema amp and speakers, 1/4" out, XLR out, 4 cable method to an amp, direct in the front of preset 4 on a Marshall JMD, usb to a Mac, 1/4" to a Mac ,etc and all are the same. - I haven't changed any of the levels in the global settings and tried changing impedance, etc but no change. - Just to be sure, I full the full factory reset, but no change. Firmware, etc is all fully updated. - It still does it when I turn the volume or headphone level on the Helix right down to minimum. - Changing the level in each preset or globally doesn't change anything. - There's also a weird grounding thing going on where touching or pressing the footswitches causes a different buzz. Touching the mains lead does the same thing. I've tried different power leads, different sockets and even in three other houses, but it still does it. I'm wondering if there might some kind of fault or is it just something really obvious I'm missing. I've had an Amplify and FIrehawk before the Helix and never had anything similar with either. Lastly here's a clip of what I'm hearing on the "Come A You Are" preset. http://soundcloud.com/nik73-2/helix-audio-distortion Really appreciate any help as I'm out of ideas.
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