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  1. I bought the 150 last night after thinking that is all I need. I traded in my Orange Tiny Terror combo and 3 great pedals. My results: Did I do the right thing? This amp has basically everything. Great sound, zillions of effects thru my IPad. I feel the effects are very digital and have no real depth. I also find when I change effects, sometimes I do not get the right effect because it appears to be stuck on the one before. Hmmm!!! Next I wanted to find a a super clean mellow chorus, but all I can get is some spacey, modulated mess. Frustrating! Next, does anyone think that this amp sounds analog? Like my wonderful All tube Orange combo. I am in a classic rock band, how am I suppose to find a good suitable sound for that,.... Has anyone found a real Manual online? My search has led me here. I am using this amp as my everything amp, ....I miss my Orange tube amp.. However I am trying to love this 150. It's too bad that you cannot try ever hung this beast can do in the store. I'd wounded hoe many people actually just bought the amp hoping the staff would be very knowledgable even thou the guy at GC where I got mine said I just took it out of the box 2 hours ago, and didn't know anything but just the presets which rant too bad at all. Btw..if you crank the amp at 3:00...it's sounds like 80 watts but not 150. BUT it was louder than any thing at GC I have ever heard... Let's see if you guys can talk me in too keeping this thing or returning it for a real tube amp...PS..I can smell oranges in the kitchen..lol
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