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  1. Tim5150

    Need Help With Tones!

    Hello, everyone! I bought a Spider Jam a couple years ago, and a Spider IV 150 last year. I love most the different sounds that are on both amps. However, I would love to get some other sounds out of them, also! I have been playing guitar since I was 14, and am now 44. I am just someone that plays for my own enjoyment, but still don't know that much, especially about more technical aspects of "sound." I have seen many settings options available at the Line 6 forums, however, they never sound quite right. For example for Motley Crue's Mick Mars, the setting recommendation is: Mick Mars of Motley Crue Gain - 3 Bass - 2-3 Contour - 2-3 Treble - 10 Channel - Overdrive I understand "Gain, Bass, Contour, and Treble." But, what is channel? Is this one of the four buttons above the dials, that are marked as "5" on my 150's manual? What about knobs "A" "B" or "C"? Should I turn these down, if they are not mentioned? What about which "Amp Mode" (#2)? Mick has played through Marshall's since I first saw them in 1983, but which one should I pick for different sounds? Usually, I have tried to figure these things out, end up getting frustrated, and logging off. However, realizing I will never see all of you, I can look like an idiot to enjoy my amps better. With Christmas out of the way, I hope to purchase a foot board, then I can download different tones. But, until then could really use, and would also appreciate some helpful advice. Thanks, Tim