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  1. I am not just gonna test sounds with it. I plan to actually use it in jam sessions and even in gigs. Are you saying that clipping should be my basis for signal that's not too hot for the amp?
  2. So you have used the line out of the toneport ux2 to a tube amp and never damaged anything? well if that's the case then i guess it's safe
  3. Thanks! I'm not really gonna use an amp modeler on the softwares but just the effect pedals. So basically I'm still gonna use my amp's sound :) How do I make sure that I don't damage anything? Is there like a basis for allowed output or something? THanks!
  4. Hi. What exactly do I need to do so that I send signal that's not too much for the amp to handle?
  5. I'm planning to use the effects on my pc on a live situation. I'm wondering if it will not damage my amp if I connect the line out of the Toneport to it. Someone told me it's completely safe but another person told me that I need a reamp box so I do not damage my amp. Thanks for those who will answer.
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