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  1. Just as I suspected, I was being dense. Thanks for the reply although i had already found it, I hadn't noticed the save to hardware option
  2. @charlyg, I'm probably being dense but I couldn't work out how to replace the default tones with tones that I'd saved, I could only edit and rename the existing tones which was a pain in the behind. If someone could tell me how that would be great.
  3. I'm not exactly hating, but I am fairly underwhelmed with my amplifi 75, tone match for me is garbage at least at the moment I get mostly the same tone suggestions no matter the genre it's always left of the dial, southern fried rock, or Bakersfield swing, and if you scroll down for more they just get worse, I'm fairly new to guitar and certainly have no clue about effects and amps and the like yet have published a couple of tones just because they were clearly better. I had assumed that for songs like enter sandman and killing in the name, that loads of people play would have fairly good tone matches, I found vague approximations. I can get better tone matches fiddling about for two minutes with my Marshall MG15 fx. Plus the four preloaded tones I thought were a bit rubbish especially the ambient delay tone, who is going to use that? It is a very good Bluetooth speaker though
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