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  1. First of all, I never said the place I heard about android compaitibility was on this forum, nor was it from someone who works for Line 6. How are you going to tell me what I heard, and where? I defintitely bought one from a distributor, and under the spec's it says "compatible with Android". It did not say "you can use Android to wirelessly playback your audio files". I'm not blaming Line 6 directly, I was originally asking if there will BE Android support in the future. My complaint on the Line 6 forum might not be the right venue, but then again, your response was useless as well. I already stated that I should have done more research, all I'm saying is that I could post more than one link where the description was misleading. edit: I was also under the influence when I bought the AMPLIFi.
  2. The NAMM highlights told me it was compatible. They did not specifically say "only apple devices will be able to use the app." I realize an android app probably will come out eventually, all I'm saying is they intentionally left out some vital information.
  3. In response to the guy who said its a boombox, I see what you're saying, but boomboxes dont have a Celestion speaker. Well guys, I'm one of the sorry mf's who preordered one of these because I would have SWORE, they were telling me the APP was compatible with Android, and not just the fact that you can connect with any Bluetooth device. I read somewhere that the REMOTE APP would be Android-ready upon launch. I cannot describe how irrate I was when I figured out I was misled. The only reason I'm not going to kill someone right now is that I already have a ridiculous selection of dope pedals at my disposal. In retrospect, if I would have ever spent as much on an amp as I have guitars and pedals, I would have been in business a long time ago. I bought the AMPLIFi because it seemed like it would be great fun for a small bedroom. I havent even flipped it on yet, so I have no review. I was so pissed off I just wanted to come and voice my displeasure about the claims of what is "compatible" with the amp. But then, thats what I get for buying something solely based upon hype from the manufacturer!
  4. Do you mean to tell me the AMPLIFi Remote application will never be compatible with Android devices? The claims I have seen everywhere have been misleading. They just say "compatible with Android, iPod, iPhone" etc.. Nowhere did I see BLUETOOTH streaming capability ONLY is compatible with the amp, but not the actual Remote app. My question is: will there eventually be the remote app available for Android phones? I feel like I've been swindled, I'm not gonna go buy a new iPod just to use this!
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