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  1. Sorry i havent answered. I didnt think the thread would continue. I contacted Luthman as the ticket said. I sent two emails and heard nothing back. I gave them full two weeks to respond but nothing. I contacted the store i bought it from instead and they suggested i send it back, so right now.. today acctually its wrapped and ready to be shipped back tomorrow. It will probably take 2-3 weeks and hopefully DHL handles it with care, and its smooth after that. Well see what they say. It was a TS plug acctually. I didnt know that. Guess i have to buy a TRS plug tomorrow. Thanks I get where you coming from. I have a graveyard section at home with faulty gear from all different companies. The thing is, dont rant at support man. Doesnt matter if its restaurants, products or hotel lobbys. You cant take it personal. No one is trying to hustle us. Not sure you realize how your tone comes across, but judging from your response above you sound douchy and your points gets lost because of it. Its hard to know if you just spewing negative shi.t or if you acctually have a point. No one at Line6 sits with a perfect guitar in their lap and says "Lets put some buggs in this cause f em". Support here has been good from my perspective (except Luthman ). Im not sure i will keep the Guitar, i have to test it in some projects before i know if its for me but if it aint, i sell and check back later whats coming down the pipelines.
  2. To be honest, and its not to smear in any way. I had it for 3-4 month but only been able to use it once. First i did all updates with 2.0 but one or two strings were way overpowering when i played. Strange mud also that didnt make it sound clear. I tried to fix it in eq but i compared it to a vst and i had to go with that, because the deadline was short. This latest project, i decided to lets get some use for it. Revert to 1.9 as suggested but error and bricked. I put in a ticket. I work with short deadlines and the ticket times are 3 business days so that means i cant use it this project either. No forum answer. I really want this to work damn it. I love the concept and the guitar is nicely build. I dont have time with weeks long email conversations, so yea.. well see what my final verdict will be on this guitar. I still got hope
  3. I loaded the battery full and tried to revert back to 1.9 today. The flash failed and the JTV 59 died. The usb adapter blinks red and neither mokey or workbench can detect the guitar. The battry is fully charged, the volume knob is at 10 and i have both the jacks connected, still the guitar is dead and the model selector knob doesnt light up. Nothing doeas. Its really frustrating. Everything worked fine until the flash failed so its not a battery, or knob issue i believe. Damn it this guitar is frustrating
  4. I owned a strat like copy onces, and it feel too small for my hand. I got small hands but maybe it was the a bad copy. The jtv-59 is ordered now, and thanks for all the help. I think the price and what i does will suit me very well. The extra 400EUR would hurt me so i think i made the right choice for the extra i would get for higher price. From reading the forums here, i will need to inspect it good i hear. I will check all switches thoroughly.
  5. I see, Im sold. I hope the workbench gets vst support in the future. That would be absolutly perfect to model the guitar tone within the DAW. I think thats the only downside, but i can live without it. I think whats in it already will keep med busy a while. Thanks for the help guys
  6. I see that i need to get back and read this again after i get the guitar. :) ,but the toggle thing is interesting. I found the Jtv-59P for 833 €, and the JTV-69 for 1200 €. I think if they cost the same i go for the 69. but 833€ seems like a good price so i think i will order that one today. The diffences you all mentioned, i cant justify the extra money. I am very excited to get it. BTW, how is the DAW intergration? For exemple running the guitar through the workbench, then recording it in Cubase/logic etc.? I read the workbench doesnt come in vst, but maybe its possible to run the signal through it anyways?
  7. Ok i see, thank you. So there really is no big reason to spend the extra 400 if its only minor tone differences between them. The P90, is one better then the other? or why did they release this model? Its down to choosing between with p90 or without now.
  8. Hi I never owned a Line6 guitar, and i am thinking about buying the Line6 Variax JTV-59P. There are some questions i couldnt find on the net so thats why i am here. 1. Whats the difference between 59P and 59? except for the pickups. The price is a lot higher without the P90 pickups, so i wonder what it is i am getting for extra 400EUR? 2. Does the JTV-69 and JTV-59 have different sounds and tones in them?? Do i get the same type of possibilties with both? The choice is between them. 3. I seen CAR, and 3TS, TSB, and P, and many types of endings. What do they mean? Also there, the prices differs a lot. Mainly its the different prices to each model and that i dont know what the extra is, that is confusing me. Im not planning on playing live. Its only for studio use. Best regards. D
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