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  1. Hi. I have been recording rhythm guitar tracks using an American Standard Telecaster (fitted with Bare knuckle Piledriver pick-up) through Pod 2.0 into an M-Audio Fasttrack Ultra 8R and into Pro Tools 10. I have good quality cables and an excellent laptop. My issue is excessive "noise" being picked up. The rhythm tracks are "Chuck Berry" style "chug-cher-chug" basically on the lower two strings (E/A). The problem is every slight movement of any other string is being picked up ("rattling/scratching") and is really predominant. The first conclusion is technique, but I have done this many times before and never had this issue, it has just started to do this. I cant add a noise gate in Pro-tools as it is part of the recorded sound and hence the wave. I cant EQ it out as it pulls the life out of the guitar sound. I have turned down the output level of the Pod as much as possible and increased the input on the M-Audio to get a reasonable signal. It helps a bit but not 100%. Q. Is there something settings wise that can help to alleviate this? Thanks, T
  2. Hi. I have recorded a guitar part in Pro Tools using an amended version of one of the standard Pod 2 amp settings (7d - 1960 Vox AC15). I then experimented recording the same part through loads of different amp settings to see which sound good blended together (I am looking to do four layers to get a really full sound). To do this I kept recording different performances each time. I settled on four sounds that work well together. What I want to do is have the exact same guitar part played through three other amps. I therefore want to route the existing recorded part out from Pro Tools and back through the next channel (7a - 1960 Fender champ) to record this on guitar track two. I will then repeat, rerouting and recording the other two guitar tracks. When I attempted to do this I got a lot of feedback and the resulting waveform was really thin and therefore quiet. I had a stereo jack coming from output 2 of my interface and going into the Line 6 guitar input socket. I then had a stereo jack coming out of the LH output of the line 6 into channel 2 input of my interface. My questions are: 1. What is the correct method to go about this? 2. Do I have to record a really clean version to start with and then feed this back through? 3. What is the correct routing? Many thanks, Terry
  3. Sorted. There are other instrument inputs on M-Audio. Up and running, cheers.
  4. I am using a standard jack to jack guitar lead. I tried using a stereo jack lead but this did not change anything. If there is a problem with the left output I would need to send the thing back for replacement but I want to check all possibilities first.
  5. Yes. It's up to 10. Would have liked 11 but this one only goes up to 10!
  6. Hi. Further to this................ My Pod 2 has arrived. I have plugged in and checked everything. It works fine when I plug the headphones in the Pod. However, when I connect to my M-Audio interface the signal getting through to Pro Tools is really weak, almost inaudible? If I come out from the Pod to an amp it seems fine. If I plug something else in the same input of the audio interface the channel works fine. So.... Pod output seems OK (works to an amp). Interface input is OK (with any input other than pod). Checked lead, that is OK. Anyone any ideas why the signal to Pro Tools is so poor? Thanks, Terry
  7. Hi. I have lust ordered a Pod 2 for recording guitar via an M-Audio Fasttrack ultra 8R into Pro Tools 10. I have a couple of questions. 1. Is it possible to use the Pod 2 to record bass guitar also? 2. Do I use a standard jack to jack lead (mono) from the Pod 2 to the Ultra 8R input? Thanks, T
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