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  1. Tried going direct to interface, still hard panned left and latency. I guess the interface is the problem then. I'm using cubase I've tried messing with the buffer length but the latency is still there. Anyone got a tip? :lol:
  2. Hi, I just bought a POD HD PRO X and im using one 1/4" cable from the unbalanced right output to my Scarlett 2i2 input which i use as my interface. I use headphones to listen and when i have the pod on without any DAWs, I can only hear the sound from the left ear and it's like a 0.5 second delay. Even with Direct Monitoring turned on on my interface I still hear the delayed sound but it's just coming from the left ear. tl;dr: Sound coming from left ear only with latency. Even with Direct Monitoring turned on I hear the sound normally + latency hard panned left
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