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    metal pack

    Quick question. When buying the Metal Pack or other packs for guitar. The website lists just the amp names. Does anyone know if they come with the Pre-Amp option for them as a stand alone option or is it just the pre/power combo ? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys, I will post a custom tone to see what you guys hear. Also running both dual amps and single amp tones with stereo effects to sweeten it up.
  3. Hello, I am a new user and have noticed something disturbing to me in the difference between the BIG, LUSH tone that comes out of my headphone jack and then the lifeless, digital, limp tone that I hear coming from either my studio or Live floor monitors or when hooked to a mixing board and out to FOH speakers. I have all pro gear. My studio is ProTools, run by a MacPro (the tower unit), a Black Lion Audio modified M-Box Pro interface going out to M-Box studio monitors. PA is Behringer X-32 board with active FOH speakers. My triple driver IEM's are Westone LMpro30's. I use quality Carvin and PRS guitars with passive pup's. My IEM's sound amazing either using them direct to the headphone jack of the hd500x, or out of the monitor mix out of the X-32. I create my own tones, I have downloaded other user tones off of the "Customtone" area of this website. They all sound great in my IEMS. What I am concerned about is the tone going to FOH (the audience). Why such a big difference? The gain structures sound so different, the warmth is gone as it sounds really digital sounding (think old Digitech pedal early technology) and cold, the effects response is so different to. I would think there should be constancy from my IEM to at least my Protools studio. I think I would be embarrassed to have that tone I am hearing from what is coming out of the XLR's output. Any ideas how a guy can find a good balance between the two? I just cant get over the difference in sound. Maybe there are so I/O's that need adjusting ? Thanks for any help. Matt
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