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  1. Okay I seem to have solved this problem. I'll try to explain the best I can. I have my guitar plugged into the pod with the 2 XLR outputs from the POD going into the 2 XLR inputs of the M-Audio interface. I then hooked up the Left and right monitor output of the M-Audio to the back of my studio monitors. Now I have everything input and output through the M-Audio and it sounds great. Now, I think what the problem I was having is the POD's USB. For one, there is no crackling or pops when I'm using the M-Audio now and all the tones sound good. Also I should note that when I purchased the POD last year, I had to send it to Line 6 because the USB port on the floorboard didn't have a proper cover and the pins were exposed so they eventually got bent. I then wasn't able to get passed the POD rebooting over and over. When it came back, it was fixed with a proper cover. I don't know. Perhaps it is just that the USB on my POD is screwed all up. Thank you all for your help!
  2. Okay, my next attempt will be to hook the HD500x properly to this audio interface. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to hook it up properly to a M-Audio M-Track?Does it have all the right inputs? Should I run the XLR cables from the POD to it?Or 2 XLR's? Or use both L and R 1/4 outputs?
  3. All my levels are in the "green" so there isn't any clipping going on. What I don't understand is why the playing my presets through the live monitored sound, sounds amazing, yet what is being recorded and played back through the usb sounds like utter lollipop. I also get clicks and pops when I"m not using the 1/4 L and R outputs into my speakers and I'm just monitoring through the built in output of my macbook. Even when I'm not strumming or playing the guitar. Again, I'm NOT clipping and the signal is not hot. I can clearly see on the instrument tracks that they are in the green and I've adjusted the buffering size up and down and it has done nothing to help in that situation. Could there just be something wrong with my USB output on the HD500x? How could I set up with the 1/4 L and R outputs to an external audio interface instead? Would I use 1/4 outputs on the HD500x? Or the XLR outputs?
  4. Okay, I'm not new to recording by any means. But I'm having trouble recording with this unit. I have a Macbook running Sierra with Logic pro X and Line 6 Monkey with everything up to date. I have my guitar plugged into the main guitar input of the HD500x Floorboard and the left and right 1/4 outs going into the back of my studio monitors and it's also hooked up to my computers USB port. I also have the input and output of my audio preferences set to POD HD500X in my DAW. I also have software monitoring set off so that I don't get a "double sound" when recording or playing the guitar in Logic Pro X. So, when I'm playing the guitar and hearing it just through the studio monitors, all my tones and presets sound FANTASTIC. The problem is, when I listen back to whatever I recorded, the tone does not sound the same whatsoever. It sounds like garbage. I use single and Dual amp presets that sound great coming out of my monitors but the recordings do not. I don't get it? I unplugged the 1/4 output from the back of the studio monitors and it again, sounds awful. I've tried adjusting buffering sizes up and down and it has done nothing to solve my issue.I mostly use this unit for live purposes and I have no problems whatsoever when I play live through the effects return of my tube amp and 4x12 either. Can anyone give me some advice? I've looked everywhere on google for help but have found no answers. Thanks.
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