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  1. I called Tech Support and got it all straightened out. They were very, very helpful.
  2. The original install was from the disc that came with the unit, and it worked great until I checked for updates. I have also disabled my anti-virus software and tried again, both from the disc and from the download, all to no avail. I'm stuck and I'm bummed. I just want to get some recording done.
  3. I did. I uninstalled all Line 6 software, disabled my anti-virus and then downloaded and re-installed. I get the same error message.
  4. The same thing happened to me last night. I'm hoping to find an answer. Have you had any luck yet?
  5. Help!! I installed POD Farm on my new laptop (Windows 8) and it was working beautifully. Tonight, before I opened it I checked for any updates, which apparently included some from last week to resolve a few bugs. When I tried to open POD Farm after that, I got an error message that reads "POD Farm failed to initialize L6TWXY framework. (Code 0x80008faa)" What do I do?
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