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  1. I have a Line6 UX2 with REASON, but I can't see any way of playing the instrument with MIDI. I have a midi keyboard and a MIDI cable, but there is no MIDI socket on the UX2. Does anyone know how I can play the instruments? My email address is nevillepearson1@gmx.com for any long replies. Thank you. Neville
  2. OK well my keyboard is a Roland PC-160A. 3 octaves, switcheable up and down for different octaves It has a pitch bend wheel;, and vibrato if you push the wheel upwards. The keys are velocity sensitive. There is no midi input on the UX2, so how else is it possible to play the REASON sounds? Any help gratefully received here, or by text on 078634541025. Or by eeail at nevillepearson1@gmx.com. Thank you Neville
  3. OK. But there is no midi input on the UX2. So where do I plug my midi keyboard and 5 pin midi DIN plug in? There MUST be some way to do this surely? My Midi keyboard is a Roland PC-160-A midi keyboard comtroller, It's powered up right now. Any advice gladly received. Contact me here on on 07864541025. Thanks. Neville
  4. Any more info anyone on how to play the Reason Instruments? I like to improvise, as I play a lot of jazz, as well as rock music, so drawing in notes is not a way to do that. The UX2 Reason is cut down, but I have used a friend's full Reason and that had a midi keyboard like the one I have hooked up, so he could play pianos and so on with touch sensitivity, and record them. There was no way to record audio tracks though. I want to be able to make Reason backing tracks, then overdub guitars and vocals. Sometimes no vocals as I do a lot of instrumental music. Maybe I just bought the wrong interface for what I want to do.
  5. OK I understand. Well I do have a small midi keyboard that can be switched up and down to get more octaves. And I have midi cables to connect it. If I bought a midi interface, I think they are quite cheap, would I be able to play the Reason instruments with the keyboard? Without being able to do that, I am nor sure why Reason is included in the package. It has virtual instruments, and of course drawing in notes would be extremely time consuming and wouldn't have the 'feel' that someone playing a keyboard with velocity sensitivity, a pitch bend wheel and so on. If I can't play the Reason instruments, is the only reason (pardon the pun) that they are there is to draw in parts? Much as you can do in Reaper? On a long piece of music it would take forever, especially if the music as not repetitive. The midi keyboard I have is a three octave Roland one. It can also output various other controller data other than velocity and pitch bed/vibrato, by sliding a slider up and down to find controller numbers. I have lost the manual, but I guess there must be information on the numbers somewhere on the net. Or I could just use trial and error. Mind you it take a long time as I think thee 127 different possible controller numbers. Anyway, lots of questions from me as usual. Thanks for your reply. Neville
  6. There is no midi input on the UX2. It comes with a cut down version of Reason. There are 16 Reason tracks and 16 audio tracks for recording guitars, anything using a powered condenser mic and so on. How can I make a backing track using the Reason instruments, then add my own real instruments, vocals, saxaphone, , or whatever else? With no midi input, there is no way to actually play the Reason instruments from a midi keyboard. So is it a matter of chaining together pre-set bars of drums and so on in Reason? That would make the system very limited. Supposing for example I want jazz swing drums, or a complex time signature, not just straight 4/4. It has taken me two hours managing to sign up to this forum. So I hope the moderators will not mind if I include my email address in case I can't get back here. If not they can easily remove it. My email is nevillepearson1@gmx.com. Many thanks, Neville
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