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  1. It just seams to be one of those things where apple has gotten the luck of being retailers first choice maybe they have a better publishing platform than android but i doubt that there is actually anything technically better on that side of the field than on androids... Hopefully over the next few years that will flip as there are going to be so many android users. Yet saying that where exactly does the processing happen in the amplifi, I know you can have 4 tones stored in the amp right so if the amp is processing it all what is the app other than a glorified remote control.... i know it's a player too and all that but really the thing is that you don't buy a TV and have to buy a remote that costs more than the TV to change the channel. They should have put an LCD and menu in the box and charged an extra 20 quid so that you could deep edit the 4 presets . Then It would have been nice to have the app remote as extra candy.
  2. I thought it was in the works .. kinda waiting on the android one before i buy so if it does not come out i won't be buying it. I was under the impression that android has the bigger majority in devices, seams a lot of people/ companies shoot themselves in the foot by not making that observation.
  3. Anyone out there want to give me a quick run down of how this thing handles the metal side of things, there are plenty of clean chime and light rock out there but i've not heard anything to driven into the ground \m/ style :D Would like to know how it handles pantera tones both early and later tones and anything fuzz wise like queens of the stone age. Also is there android support yet ? Thanks for your time
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