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  1. I purchased my DT50 head back in June of 2012, and the following May i started having problems with the amp. Didn't get any sound and the new fuses I replaced blew immediately. Turns out it was one of the models that needed to be sent in to a Canadian distributer to be repaired. I drove it to the Yorkville location in Pickering, where it sat for a good portion of the summer (over 2 months). I finally got the amp head back and it seemed to work fine. However, NOW my amp is once again giving me problems... every time i turn on the amp it makes a loud popping sound and has a continuous hum. When I brought it into a local guitar shop to have assessed, they said the internal transformer was somehow dented (the one rep even went as far as saying that it looked like it had been beaten with a bat). I found this quite strange as the only people that have repaired my head were the guys over at Yorkville. I love the sound that the DT50 creates, but it seems that it has come with a price of not only the price tag, but the headaches that go along with fixing it.
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