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  1. You probably already know this, but Line 6 said they don't want to separate the preamp and power amp into separate blocks because it would reveal too much about what is going on behind the scenes with their models. I assume if the models were separated then we would probably see a Behringer rip-off in the near future...
  2. Can an external preamp be connected to the return jack of an amp block and the guitar connected to the external preamp instead of the "guitar in" of the helix, and then that works like a real amp in that it bypasses the preamp of the amp block and only the power amp is emulated? How about taking a preamp-only helix block and routing that to the effects loop, then running a cable from the preamp-only send into the "return" of a different complete amp block, thus bypassing the preamp of the complete amp block and using just its power amp?
  3. I did some research into the DT and am excited for you guys to try out all that stuff. Please do so and follow up about it! Are the Helix preamp models powerful enough to send a real power amp into overdrive when plugged into the effects loop?
  4. In layman's terms could you please tell me what you guys are doing with DT amps?
  5. Wish I could but I don't have an eligible work email address to register with the site to access those links, unless I'm missing something.
  6. thanks! Is there a way to turn the preamp of a full amp model on the Helix off while keeping the power section on, or some kind of effects loop within the model?
  7. Does the Helix offer selectable Power Amp models? So the four-cable method assumably allows us to use various preamp models on the Helix to drive a real tube amp power section. Using another couple cables, can we select power amp models on the Helix and drive them using a real tube preamp?
  8. Do these allow you to use it as a cab sim only so you can plug your amp into a load and take the line out of that into the Helix then into a recording device? I understand if they don't because Line 6 wouldn't want people connecting the speaker out of their amp directly into the Helix, but since it's a high-end unit one would expect the type of customer that would know better.
  9. I'm not an effects guy but would like to add some reverb to my sound using the Pod HD for recording and through headphones. I've gone through the reverb options but can't seem to get something that sounds like a 12' x 13' room. I'm looking for just a touch of reverb that adds some realism to the sound. Could you please recommend some settings that might fit the bill?
  10. How do the amp models of the Helix compare to those of the HD series? Are they a step up? Are the amp models taken from the HD and POD 2.0 or completely redone for the Helix?
  11. Q: "So these sounds are completely new? They're not like POD on steroids?" A: "It's completely new." https://youtu.be/kiaDF8TVlCA?t=33
  12. thanks, I just saw the video for the Helix and it looks awesome! Are the models on it better quality than the HD? How about the non-HD pods?
  13. I see the Firehawk includes many amps from pre-HD Pods. Do these models on the Firehawk have the same quality as the amps featured in the original HD line? Were they recorded/captured in the same sampling/bit rate (or whatever) as the amps featured in the original Pod HD line or were they just transferred over from the previous, non-HD Pods?
  14. So the channel switch is labeled bright/normal while the separate channel preamp and master volumes are labeled overdrive and bright? Do you see why I'm confused? So should I assume the bright channel setting on the switch is the overdrive channel? Unless the only way to switch channels is a footswitch and the bright/normal is just for EQ... http://www.audiotek.cz/produktyGTA/soldano/SLO100_p1.pdf
  15. Am I blind or is there not a channel switch on the panel of the actual amplifier? http://eddiesguitars.com/images/D/012-35.JPG How do you switch channels?
  16. The Soldano SLO-100 head looks like it has two channels, clean and crunch. Why are there three models for the Pod HD's version, the Solo-100 (clean, crunch and overdrive)?
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