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  1. Thanks for the clarification guys, I feel much more confidant getting a POD HD now...
  2. First off thank you for replying, I was beginning to lose hope...My Road Rage does have a ground loop switch and I used it. it reduced a bit of noise but that strange noise was intermittently still there....Also, I don't have a POD yet, I was trying to make sure that this wouldn't happen with the POD before purchasing it, but I can't be the only one trying to have 2 separate amps, so I am guessing that this will not be a problem with the POD...so I am going to take the chance on it. Oh and that Big Shot would probably have done the trick too thanks again...
  3. Hey all, I have been perusing these forums and have learned a lot but haven't seen any posts on exactly how/if this will work... Right now I have a pedal board with a wah, compressor, tuner, and a "buffered" AB box. I have a Marshall 6100 LM half stack and a Carvin MTS3200 that powers a matrix NL212 cab. When I plug the AB box into the instrument input on both amps I get this crazy oscillation that sounds kind of like a slow record scratch....its really loud and makes my two amp experiment un-usable...I got through my band practice by using effects send from one amp to the other amp's effects return, but it still sounded off to me..one amp was fine but the one slaved sounded bad. What I am trying to accomplish Use a POD HD 500X/ProX for compressor, wah, maybe distortion pedal, and tuner....then straight to the instrument input to each amp so that I get the full sound of each amp, but no horrible record scratch oscillation.... I had my amp guy explain to me that this oscillation would stop with a buffered AB pedal but the road rage pedal that I got didn't work :-( Is there anyone here doing something similar here using a POD (any version)? Also I apologize in advance if this has been discussed already and I somehow missed it...
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