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  1. Hi, Just a quick update on the topic. Everything works fine for now after switching to RF1 mode, but I encountered a drop in signal when the speaker/singer is holding the handheld at the back/end of the mic. I know the transmitter in the V75's handheld is on the back end of the mic, but I am using a directional antenna that is not even 25ft (more like 15ft) away from the handheld. Is the transmitter on the V75's handheld so sensitive that even a slight blockage can drop the signal to the receiver? I am using the "power save" mode because the length of the transmitter and receiver never goes beyond 50ft. Otherwise, the wireless system sounds really good and clear.
  2. For the handhelds, I run on power saver mode and they are fine that way. I run RF1 for all 5 of them now and it works great, even if the signal do drop sometimes but it only drop to 4 bars most of the time. The only problem is with the belt pack which still has drop outs in some occasions.
  3. By the way, I saw in 1 of the pictures that you can have more than 2 paddle antennas. How do you do that?
  4. *update: The handhelds are pretty solid in 4 to 5 bar, but the belt pack still dropping pretty badly especially if the signal is blocked by the speaker's body, it will drop to 0 bar. So it is better to set it on an angle with boom stand rather than straight up using regular mic stand? I might try the ideas and see which one works the best. I suspect the distortion might be coming from the E6 mic that we use. It only happened when someone is talking through the mic and it sounds like the sound is breaking faintly but noticeable when talking normally. Any recommendation for wireless mic for the belt pack besides E6?
  5. Yesterday after service, I have changed back to RF1 mode to all of the mics and also switch the gain on the antenna to the lowest setting and also switch the power to low on the mic. So far, the sound is clean with no distortion (I think it is due to the gain being too high) and there are little to no drop outs on the signal. We will see how it goes next week, hopefully everything is working fine next week in the service. Will report back next week.
  6. Hi, I just bought 2 P180 antenna to use for my line6 XD-V75 system. I am using six XD-V75 for a church in RF2 mode. I put the antenna on mic stands and raised around head level. I put them side by side pointing to the stage from right side of the stage. The "front" (which is written on the fin) side of the antennas are pointing to the stage. It has been working fine until 3 weeks ago, ever since we installed a new wireless alarm system, the signal has been dropping out constantly on 4/6 of them. Now, I moved 1 of the antenna to either side of the stage with distance about 15 feet to the center of the stage l -----O----- l like that. I also have tried to use RF1 mode on all of them, but it makes the sounds distort so much that we decided to revert back to RF2 mode. I boosted the antenna to 23db and the mics are on high power. May this be a problem to the distortion? We also only have 2 Wifi on our church with both 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz.
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