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  1. Hi Everyone. I've had my AMPLIFi FX100 for about 9 months, and haven't experienced any problems with it. However, I'm currently switching from recording with Pod Farm to the FX100's USB Recording. The only problem is that there is about a .5 second delay from when I play a note, until the time it comes out of my monitors. I've tried adjusting the buffer size to the minimum. Which didn't help at all. I've also tried running from FX100 stereo outs into an exterior interface, then into my recording software... but I'm still experiencing the latency issue. (I don't know what running it through a different interface would do.. it might have been a stupid idea, (or not)... but i was curious.) It makes it impossible to play to a click, over a rhythm track, and completely impossible to double track guitar parts (which I often do) If anyone else is experiencing this issue, or has a fix for this issue please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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