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  1. Hi guys, is it possible to use the balanced (XLR) output and the unbalanced (Jack) output at the same time? I want to send one output to the desk and one to an amp. I know that you should go to the amp and then to the desk but this is for a specific reason (the guy is hard of hearing so I need him to have a clean feed from the desk for his ear monitor and then control the backline independent of that and I don't have enough dir outs or aux's to do it the proper way. didn't want to do damage so thought i'd see if anyone knows before I do it. Thanks.
  2. Taken it to bits, soldered a wire across all those tabs and earthed it.. seems like problem was instantly fixed. Thanks :-D
  3. Thanks for that, a ground fault would also explain the hissing we've been getting recently, sadly it won't be under warranty it was one of the first off the line quick questions, is the grounding issue a mechanical fault, as in a loose wire / dry joint in which case it's not too big a deal I know people who do that kind of repair. Other question is is this likely to effect the other channel, to get us thru this busy time I've used a splitter and are just running 2 outs from the one that's working fine but if this was to go too I'm in it deep? Thanks for taking the time to reply once again.
  4. Morning all, Anyone else had this, mixer volume set to a level, left channel output fine, right channel output vurtually non existant? Checked all cables, connections, nothing seems amiss. Following that I did a 2 hour bench test, right channel to powered speaker - played music for 20 mins and then the volume slowly rose to level it should be - weird!? When this happens you can disconnect power to the system, reinstate power, and all goes back to fine on both channels, problem solved for a little while but then does it again! Thinking this is a software glitch, anyone had this problem? Any ideas on how to resovle it? Thanks
  5. Ordered the XD-AD8 Antenna Distribution Unit - seemed the next logical step to ruling out the problem.. YES! 100% problem solved, no dropout anywhere on either of the 7 receivers, no problems at all, I know it's £450 but if it works then it's worth it. Sorted, could not be happier! :-)
  6. We used another guitar on the channel, same issue with the boot up thing, we've used 2 different cables, one XLR one Jack both give same problem. I've also tried 2 diferent XLR cables from the receiver. The wierd part of it is that the channel view and the master show signal (on a conventional mixer this would be the equivelant of bot the LED strip for the channel and the LED strip for the master out going up and down with the music) but nothing comes out of the mixer for 10-15 seconds. The best description is imagine your playing the guitar and you can see everything going thru the mixer but you don't plug the speakers in for the first 10 seconds.. however, plug a bass direct in or my gretsch and they come straight thru?? could it be something to do with the mixer adjusting to the pickup level? this shouldn't be as that channel has always been for the Acoustic direct. Also, quick one, would naming the channel be an issue do you think, that channel has always been tagged "Takamine" I know it sounds mental but do you think that word causes an issue in the software??
  7. I have an unusual and annoying problem with the M20d, two things going wrong, the first happens nearly every night.. Set all up, go to sound check, the guitar (Acoustic Takamine with Line6 XD-v75 wireless system) turns on and nothing or very little sound signal coming thru for 10-15 seconds then "whompf" up to the volume it should be, occasional dropouts thru the night (on mixer not wireless). Guitar and wirless both been checked many times for faults, nothing found to be wrong with either. Next problem happened once and totally confused me.. Same guitar and wireless setup going into XLR channel on M20d, no sound, wireless working fine, channel getting signal, fader lights on M20d going up and down showing signal, main mix strip going up and down showing signal, nothing coming out of speakers! all other channels working fine, sound coming out FOH. I moved the guitar to another XLR channel, same problem, used another wireless pack and receiver, same problem, put the guitar on a wire to the M20d, same problem, all gates, comps, FX 's etc. turned off and guitar gives none of these problems thru any other mixer.. Does the M20d just not like Takamine acoustic guitars? Any suggestions would be great as the guitarist whines at me every night and it's driving me crazy! Thanks
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