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  1. I thought I would give you guys some input. Ever Since I upgraded my pc from windows 8.1 to windows 10 I had issues with the metronome not working. I searched for line 6 unistaller on my pc using the search bar built in to the taskbar within windows 10. Steps after that include. By the way i am running a PodXT bean. 1. Running the uninstaller to get rid of all of the line 6 software/drivers. 2. going back to the Line 6 website and searching for pod xt and selecting windows 10 downloads. 3. installing Line 6 Monkey first. 4. updated my driver to the windows 10 driver. 5. updated my USB firmware/flash memory through the Line 6 Monkey application. 6. make sure everything is up to date within Line 6 Monkey ( making sure you disconnect your device through the installation process and follow directions to make sure it is disconnected during time it says. 7. Go back to the Line 6 website and searching the downloads once again but for Gearbox. (download the latest one, It's going to be the one for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista.) 8. Open Gearbox and Voila everything should work fine. 9. If all else fails on you for some reason you can right click your gearbox shortcut, click properties, click the compatibility tab and select windows 8. Apply and click ok. FYI: you shouldn't have to delete anything from the registry or app data folders when unistalling the software/drivers.
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