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  1. i have email these folks and they wont respond..... does line six sell these speakers or not?
  2. looking for the custom celestion speakers that go in the half stack. i cant seem to find the part# or web location to buy them. are they not available unless you buy another cab? had bought a cab that has vintage 30's in it and i feel that the v30's color the sound too much and rob the hd150 head of its intended sound. i guess it needs a nuetral speaker set up????
  3. bbgun77

    412vs V30's

    412vs v30's.....with the swich on back to select 4,8,16 olm, does that mean the v30's are the 16 olm version? yea i can pop the back off cab and check but these are new in box and dont want to disturb for future sale. i ask because i may want to part speakers out and list them .
  4. i have a spider 4 hd 150 half stack; and i bought fbv mkii footswich on ebay. no instructions. i have viewed the online instuctions but im not smart enough to apply what ive read due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to language being used. it seems that it refers to saving patches from POD and pod farm but not the created patch/preset patch to footswich. strangley enough, there appars to be no demo on youtube or at least a useful one. anyways..... lets say i take the satch boogie patch, tweak it a bit, then want to save it and have it be "A" on the shortboard. then create another or tweak another and have it be "B" and so on..... how the hell is this done? and by "how the hell is it done" i mean how would you tell a 3rd grader in english to do it? like 1)push this button 2) push that button.....
  5. ratatats, u are absolutely right. the 2 cabs are highly impractical. my plan was to keep a slant cab. my original idea (out of shear ignorance) was to buy these cabs, flip them to finance the spider iv half stack hoping that since it was a modeling, digital, stereo situation that it would produce great sounds at lower volumes and look badass in the whole hard rock/ metal decor going on in the room instead of my g2 going though my milwaukee "ghetto blaster" (which does everything i need and pleases the ear). would it be that the spider iv half stack be to loud for the closed door goof around play along sessions or would it give me lower volume delight like my current set up? when i played the spider iv 75 combo at the store it sounded great at the lower volume. does the half stack behave differently?
  6. wow thanks! im just playing along with records not gigg'n or anything. been using zoom g2 through boom box and i believe it sounds amazing. now, i bought (2)4x12vs cabs from best buy for a steal hoping to flip them. after putting them in the the cave, it looks amazing. i think i want to keep them and was eyeballing the spider iv hd150 head with mkii footswitch or possibly the podhd500x thru a home stereo amp deal then thru cabs(of which someone mentioned but i cant find demo video). i dont know much about either but i know the spider will connect to one 412 cab. the home stereo amp deal is confusing me a bit. how many watts does amp have to be to power thru cab(s). the cabs have 4, 8, 16 olm capabilities. my brain hurts
  7. i know "which is better" is subjective.........just looking for a pro and con discussion. not a gigger just a man caver
  8. i have a zoom g2 that i can plug right into a boombox that has mp3 jack and i can play through that. to me it sounds amazing (imo). now, the podhd500x, is it possible to do the same with it???
  9. i realize the iv150head may work with 2 spider 4x12's with some re-wiring but does this head connect to TWO spider4x12vs's since it has 16olm function. AND if so, does the stereo function fx still remain or does it become a mono situation....blah blah blah.....? somebody tell what i may be asking and what i may even be talking about bwahahahaha. i have 2 / 4x12vs cabs today cuz i got a unreal deal on them and i want this head. so worst comes to worst i sell a 1 of the cabs i guess?
  10. im looking to buy spider 4 hd150 head and have a chance to pick up the 4x12 VS cab with the vintage 30's pretty cheap. i was wondering if mixmatching this head with another cabinet besides the cab that its speakers were specifically designed for would be considered "trying to reinvent the wheel." or is the cab with the better wood and vintage 30's considered a significant upgrade. so, stick with the suggested set up or deviate a bit but within the same product line prossibly maximizing tone? .
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