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  1. Hi, I've gone through a zillion threads and can't find the solution. Instrument works fine with my Pod Farm 2 / Ableton setup. But I am trying to use microphone and I can't get anything in. I am trying with a condenser and a regular mic. When I try with condenser, phantom power is on. I've tried different cords and both mic inputs. My mic gain is turned up. My pod farm is NOT authorized. I bought this in July and have no clue where the activation code is, and I really don't want to drop $100 just to register it. I am praying to frickin jeebus that my mic issue isn't just because it isn't registered. All threads usually say "go to the mixer and select mic as your input." My mixer on pod farm VST has NO inputs My DAW input is set to my UX2 (instruments work) - I'm using WAV input and not DX. Not extremely clear on the difference but from what I am reading, WAV uses mme drivers and DX uses DirectX drivers. Any help would be awesome because I'm at a loss. Thanks
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