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  1. Hi there...purchased a pair of L3m speakers. When I power one of them on..there is the usual momentary delay and then you hear the speaker make a subtle noise as it kicks on. That is normal. But on the other one....it has the usual momentary delay and then it snaps bfriefly and kind of loud I think as it kicks on. Anyone ever experience this??? After it is on there is no issue...only at start up does it do this snap noise....
  2. poor typing on my part....what I was saying is..I can ignore the noise...as long as it wont damage speaker in the end. Only happens at that time.....never after start up
  3. No I am not using M20d mixer. I an ignore the noise as long as it is somethign that will in end dmage speaker..again...only at start up...never after that.
  4. Yes I did this in isloation after I first heard it......just the speaker itself plugged in....no other connections to anything....and only this speaker does it....the other one does not....
  5. bbarker1

    New To Using A Subwoofer

    I am new to using subwoofer. I have the L3s. it I listen to music through the subwoofer alone with out my satellite speakers on....is it normal for subwoofer to sound like muffled deep base tones???? IE it is not crisp....or sharp... I find everythign sounds good when I turn on the satellite speakers the overall sound is good with the deepr base punch. It is just the subwoofer when played by itself ( am talking typical DJ style playback) it souns all muffled.