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    I love my TT

    Yea im aware of that , been reading some reviews on the helix and lots of people think its better than a fractal. But like i said at 300 bucks brand new you wont get a better sounding processor imho, and ive tried alot.
  2. spytock

    I love my TT

    Hello everyone ,I recently bought an amplifi tt mainly for headphone practice at home at it sounds good. I decided to try it using my orange dark terror as a power amp trough the loop and plugged in my palmer 2x12 v30 cab and wow , it realy came alive! The presets are not that good but if you sit down and take some time to tailor your own amp setup this little box can realy kick some asses! For now I mainly messed aroud the jcm 800 and the engl and those 2 are realy realy close to the real thing. Ive had a fractal axe fx for some time and its an awesome unit but I sold it because I was using more time finding my tones than actualy playing, Im more a "5 knobs is enough" kind of guy. Im by no means saying the TT is better than a fractal BUT at 300$ its way better tonewise than alot of other products out there that are priced way higher. I just bought back my peavy 50/50 from my buddy to have a little portable rackmount setup with the TT. This one is a keeper and i might look into the helix eventualy.Sometimes you get surprised by things you thought would be just "ok sounding". Thats my 2 cents on the TT Sorry for the english , its not my native language
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