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  1. alienux's post in cd/mp3 input is not stereo??? was marked as the answer   
    Charlie_Watt, in my case I'm sure it's the adapter, although I've had the problem with several adapters and several different sets of 1/8" headphones. I'm sure the POD is fine because it's the 1/8" end that I have to adjust usually, but once it's set, it's not a problem anymore so I don't worry much about it.
  2. alienux's post in Will To Pod Hd 500x Fit A X3 Bag? was marked as the answer   
    There's a list of dimensions for the various POD models here:

    That page has the info for the HD products, and also contains a link to another page with a multi-tabbed spreadsheet with some of the older ones, including the X3 Live. It looks like there is about .29" difference in depth, but not much difference besides that.
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