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  1. Yeah, I've put my own in IdeaScale too its really causing me a headache. I used elements of pod farm on so many different applications and it isnt guitars, but for bass its a must have for me, I've used it on vocals, drums, synths, beats... anything, the sound sculpting tools are endless. I love protools 11 but the lack of pod farm is making my face hurt. It actually hurts....with pain. come on line 6! sort my face out!
  2. I know this has already popped up a million times on every forum ever but here goes... If anyone from Line 6 actually reads these forums could you please get your fingers out of your noses and just make pod farm available on aax for Protools 11. It can't be that hard, just get it done. seriously, you're messing with my life here.
  3. anyone have any idea when pod farm is going to be axx for protools 11?
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