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  1. Shakey64, Granted, no mention of a vintage 30, I added that request. The vintage 30 cost twice as much and sounds twice as good. :) The problem is that Line 6 techs are MIA. They could have said, we tried that and it didn't work, wrong this, wrong that...whatever, I mean, be engaged in their customer's input. Some tech in another thread stated that the headphone plug serves as the output jack. I said what? I tried and the hum was horrendous. I should have tried messing with the mixer knobs, I admit. The spring reverb was just a wish list type of thing. I mean, I want a decent reverb if you offer one. All in all, they need to get busy if they want to succeed in this product line. Yes, the potential is there, but they are not there at this time. It sounds like crap to my ears overall. There are exceptions though where the guitar sound comes out okay but the mp3 sound is bad. I think that you can't mix a guitar frequency speaker with enough bass to enjoy the experience. If they just add a sub-woofer jack, they will be there. They did not wake up when I made the call and I vote with my $500. Sink or swim. As I said, I see tremendous educational potential if they enhance the software to capture to what is played to the songs on mp3 and provide feedback, progress, etc. Enjoy your toy shakey. I have more than to do with toy wise and like to test this stuff and post feed back to see if they wake up...from a regular Joe perspective..LOL The Item has been returned. I returned it as I got it. I am an honest person believe it or not. :)
  2. Okay folks, I have tried to give this amp a fair chance but adding the pluses and subtracting the minuses, I think that Line 6 needs to improve a few things such as: - Better cabinet enclosure meaning baltic birch 13 ply. - Increase "depth" of the cabinet to 14". - Vintage 30 or similar Celestion Speaker. - If sold as a gig amp, you need to double the ponies and build a better cabinet.. - Output Jacks for 2x12 or 4x12 with adjustable impedance. - On board effects suck, really suck! - Spring reverb. - Sub-woofer output Jack. - Better stereo separation. I can't notice it when playing mp3s. On the software side: - Provide a manual. No manual tells us that you don't have your ducks on a row yet or you don't care. - Make it as intuitive and functional as possible. Nobody wants to become a computer guru. They want to turn knobs even if they are virtual and call it the day. On the board support side: - You don't say much and that shows me that you don't care or you have all hands on deck improving this thing (wishful thinking....). So, I will re-evaluate on the second or third generation, as of right now, it looks like a premature release with major price point constraints to provide a better product for the discriminating ears of people like the one writing. The cheap loudness of the amplifi 150 gives me an ear acke because it is all middle and treble, the bass is non existent IMHO. On the plus side, for a small bedroom practice amp is fine but leave it there and please dont try to invite your friends and party on with this amp. Your home stereo would probably sound 10 times better, at least it will have the bass punch that this one lacks.
  3. gipser

    Amplifi 150 Suggestions. Is It Just Me?

    Oh man, I crank it up full blast and a lot. You need to break in the speaker. A wide range of tones is the best. Put it in a room or closet by itself and let it sing loud. Put a pillow in front of it,if you live in an apartment. The loudness is annoying for the mp3 side of things. It lacks the bass even for the guitar. It gives me an ear acke where my tube amp and cabinets do not and they are louder. For a guitar is excellent and it is crisp and clear. But if you want to mow down the place, you are screwed. Any drummer would overpower your sound in a second unless you mike your 150 in a small to medium size venue situation. It is not a gig amp by any means in my opinion unless you are into folk music...LOL
  4. gipser

    Amplifi 150 Suggestions. Is It Just Me?

    Still..... - Let's not forget that the g12p-80 Celestion has to be broken in, in order to see it real tone dimensions of the OEM set up, so the jury is still out.
  5. gipser

    Amplifi 150 Suggestions. Is It Just Me?

    Okay, I opened it up again. These are the findings.... The Celestion G12P-80 "special design" is made in England in this case!!!! LOL It is an 8 ohm speaker. My vintage 30s are 16 ohms. What would happen? Probably nothing as I have tried other amps where 8 or 16 ohms (either) is okay, example the Bogner Alchemist 40-20W developed by Line 6 for Bogner but discontinued. Damn good amp that is, but I decided not to keep it because of zero resale value. Anyway, the microwire happened to be just a string of glue. They glued some components for holding in place reasons to withstand the vibrations I guess. About the Amplifi 150. If you have $500 to invest in a great toy to play in your music room or bedroom, do it. Can it be improved? Hell yeah but I love the ability to blend your guitar sound with an mp3 song and set any level you want. For educational purposes is great but the possibilities as I said are enormous. Imagine to develop the software to capture what you play against the real song and tell you where you are weak in the song, the notes, etc for improvement purposes, progress or put the guitar tabs on the Ipad screen, etc. Now, I ran the headphone jack to my Yamaha mixer (1/4" stereo plug one end +- rca males on the other end). I detected a hum but could play the song okay. You could not hear the guitar in the mix as good so you may have to plug direct to the mixer and blend it with the control panel of the mixer or bypass the amplifi 150 altogether and plug direct to the mixer both your ipad songs and your guitar, effects, etc. As a side note, when you connect your headphones the speakers are disabled because it makes an either/or logical sense. But they ought to have a line output so you can take advantage of the 5 speaker sound of this box. Lastly, there are 2 speakers in one, right and left top. There are two bottom tubes that have no speakers and I gues is for air to escape when being pushed by the main speaker and to get rid off any boominess you may hear. Now, keep in mind that these are observations of a regular Joe with no electronic or sound experience or knowledge. I just like to see what's inside the box and give them hell so they make better stuff to accomodate current customer's needs. Also, I find "unacceptable" that there is no real "manual" to download but that dumb 2 pager called "pilot" something. There is a USB connector "for future development".....hello? What about a damn two rca jacks to make this baby scream with a side amp and speakers? Too much? Defeats the purpose? Who knows, I wan my cake and eat it too! ;)
  6. gipser

    Amplifi 150 Suggestions. Is It Just Me?

    Mjc02865 I am really busy today but I promise I will try to do the stuff tomorrow. At least the picture. The problem I ran yesterday is that it allows you to open the back cover just about an inch because of this silly thin wire that is attached to it. It is just a metal wire and I don't know the purpose of it, whether it is ground or they just put it there to verify if you have opened it in order to cancel the warranty or whatever. It is microscopically thin. Hang in there. I have to remove a vintage from the 2x12 and slam it in the amplifi 150. I have to know the ohms they are running the gp12p-80 as well for optimun output. Damn, if I knew a bit more about this stuff I would just run a stereo plug out to the mixer or a good stereo system to see if I can get more volume and punch. I tried from the headphone straight to the 4x12 and the volume sucked. Maybe I should do the 1/4 plug to stereo rca jacks and amplify the headphone signal and call it the day. Will keep you posted. Don't be impatient Arislaf. I like to tinker with this stuff. I still have a few weeks of trial and error...before I call the quits and I get my money back or get something else. It is all good and people will benefit or learn from my mistakes.
  7. gipser

    Complaint Dept

    Hey the Amplifi 150 is great but has a few short comings and over representations which I detailed in my suggestions/complaints. look them up. These manufacturers need the feedback to make the product even better or create new ones. It is all good. No reason for them to get their panties in a bunch. Seriously, the 150 ought to be a 300 watt unit and have an adjustable bass sub-woofer or otherwise it has no business being sold as a music player and "party stereo" among the features advertised let alone being a "gig" level amplifier. I see a tremendous music education potential on top of the other stuff. I just hope that they listen to us. After all, I put $499 on it. I could have gone another route but I decided to give it a shot. In my case I already have a 60watt tube amp a 2x12 and 4x12 plus a PA system, so this unit is just icing on the cake, instructional and functional with the technology available.
  8. gipser

    Amplifi 150 Suggestions. Is It Just Me?

    So I opened the Amplifi 150 up to see the infamous "Special Design Celestion Speaker".... What did I find? A G12P-80 inside. The cheapest Celestion you can find around $75 retail. Now I am seriously considering slamming a Vintage 30 in it instead, just to see what happens. The problem is this thin silver colored wire that is holding the back plate from being fully detached. That is the thinest wire I have ever seen connecting one electronic thing with another. The other thing I found is that the wood is really bad quality like pressed board like 1/4 inch in places. It is this cardboard thinkness type that you find in very cheap furniture. Yes, I understand that you have to keep costs down, stick to the price point, budgets, blah, blah but dude, why did they manufacture baltic birch plywood for? Still waiting for a sub-woofer connection and 300 watts of power minimum. If you are going to have the thing play music, you need the bass to give some character to the experience. I am not done yet. I am going to try one way or another to make this thing scream! By the way, I was reading in other entries on an amplifi forum that a guy used this amp to gig with it and he thought that it was great. I said what??????????? Are you serious????????????? Is your gig at your local church or something? To the Pony guys...you forgot the lipstick! :)
  9. So far, I am a bit disappointed because the 150 lacks bottom end punch and the volume is whimpy compared to my tube amp. It really sucks bass wise. The celestion in it does not do the job. I am tempted if I keep it, to stick a vintage 30 and bypass all "special design" by either fixing it or screwing it up all together, LOL. I guess for a practice amp in a tiny room it would be okay for some people, but engineers, you have the right idea but your sound guy is clueless. You need the "punch" to feel the sound. You want to feel the mp3 at the same level of a real band playing, otherwise why would you call it a gig amp, it is not!!!!!!!! Just put a name like "Closet practice amp" or something along those lines. Then I thought, build a "real cabinet" with 13 ply baltic birch to see if you can get the whimpy sound away from it and get into a more acceptable sound. Who knows...maybe you need about 300 watts to get the sound level up to acceptance. Then I thought, why these engineers do not sell a sub-woofer on the side to go with it so you can hear a killer heavy metal sound or an out plug to connect to a PA system to enhance it without microphones. The headphone plug sound is worst, too whimpy when connected to other speakers like a 2x12 or 4x12. I am very disappointed and may just return it to the store. Also, I want a unit with backing tracks with a huge database with backing tracks for guitar players so you can mute the lead guitar of the backing track and you become the lead. You are close to what some of us customers need I guess with the bluetooth and the app, but you can do way better on volume and bass sound. Help or it goes back to the store. I like the multipurpose thing but man, give me some volume and punch! Not boominess, just punch so my bones rattle! :angry: :D