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  1. Thanks for the fast reply, appreciated! I'm just a bit frustrated after buying this new device which now asks me to use an SD file with a filesystem introduced during the good DOS ages :-) Of course I dont have a 2GB card here, so I tried to work out on creating a 1 GB primary partition on a 8GB card, formatting it with fat16 and feeding it into the JM4. Took me an hour, didnt work. Selling a device in 2014 with the product feature "SD Card" should mean: take an SD card, put it in and have fun. Or simply add a working card (which is 4€ nowadays) to such 350€ device. I'm sure I'm complaining to the wrong forum, but it helps :-) http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/22786 points to http://line6.com/community/docs/DOC-4763 which is dead meanwhile. Any better place to find some help on this? How about the other question: What would be the adviced and more uptodate line6 device doing a similar job as the jm4? Cheers, Michael
  2. Since 2 hours ago I was really content with my new JM4 I'm owning since 2 weeks now. However, I just realised this sd card problem. Obviously the JM4 looper only supports this completely outdated fat16 format up to 2GB (just checked, 2GB SD cards are suprisingly still available at amazon :-) ). In the last hour I tried to get an SD card on fat16 and meanwhile managed, however, the jm4 doesnt accept at and happily restarts every time I try to access it. No MP3 support, which is also standard meanwhile. Thought no problem, line6 might have realised so lets get onto the latest firmware. unfortunately I am on the latest firmware, which indeed has been created 4 years ago ... So how about the jm4 support in the next years, any statement from line6? Furthermore, what would be the adviced line6 device doing a similar job as the jm4? Please quickly respond, I'm tending to send the box back currently. Thanks, Michael
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