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  1. Thanks, Uber - I really wanted it to work in 4cm so I could take full advantage of the effects in front of the amp and in the loop.....unfortunately, the Carvin isn't playing nice with it. I'm sure it would work fine with my Marshall head, but part of the reason I got the V3M was because it's a smaller, easier to transport/load - perfect for gigs where I have to get on and off stage quickly. I've tried different input and output level settings on the POD, but I really think the main issue here is the amp. Thanks for your input!! ....John
  2. Cruisinon2, thanks! Yes, I only want to use the POD's effects with the head and use it's own preamp (no amp models). I've been trying some different level settings, but the tone/sound of the amp loses that full "open" tube amp tone with the 4 cm. I was hoping the 4cm would work, because it would be nice to be able to use the wah/volume in front. It just might be the head itself - it's quirky with it's effects send/return levels. The manual says it's a -10db loop, yet in the next section it says that the individual channel volume settings will affect that level. It hates stomp boxes in the loop - overloads their inputs.....which (on paper, anyway) it shouldn't. That's why I've been using the rack unit with adjustable input/output levels and meters to show exactly where those levels are at. Thanks again......back to experimenting for now.....
  3. Hi, everyone! Just got a POD HD500X and currently have it hooked up to a Carvin V3M head using the 4 cable method. The problem is that the amp sounds more "open" and full when the POD is out of the signal chain (I have a true bypass looper to toggle between POD/amp and straight amp to compare). Not sure if I have issues with my level settings, which I'll be looking into as well - but here's my real question..... A friend of mine who also has the HD500X was previously using the 4cm with an EVH head but changed to what he calls the 3 cable method because of noise. His wiring: Guitar plugged straight to amp input - amp fx send to POD "guitar input" - POD 1/4" output to amp fx return. Have any of you tried this set up? And if so, any tips on level/input/output settings? I also have a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head that I'd like to use the POD with (it's just not at my house right now) so I'm trying to get setup for no or minimal setup changes to the POD between the two amps......which makes the "3cm" method seem to be a good way to go. Thanks for any and all help and suggestions, much appreciated!!....John
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