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  1. Is there anyone from Line 6 who could comment on a future update that may solve this problem?
  2. Another problem I have found with expression pedal auto-calibration at power-on. I set up my wah pedal such that it enters bypass mode in the heal down position. This is generally where I leave the pedal when I turn off the unit. The next time I power on the unit, the auto-calibration doesn't complete and the wah effect randomly goes in and out of bypass mode until I push the pedal to the toe position and back again. This can be annoying. I'm not sure why Line 6 thought that the expression pedals always need to be calibrated at power on. It's not like we are randomly mixing and matching pedals or the room temperature is swinging wildly in value changing the pedal resistance value. Calibration should be manually activated and not done automatically at power on. Or at least give us an option.
  3. I modified two Moog EP-3 expression pedals to work with my Helix Rack which work fine except for one issue. When I look at the parameter I am controlling, it goes to 100% of the parameter value when the pedal is at about 70% of maximum travel. I looked at the resistance from the pedal and it does look like it goes to maximum value at 90% of maximum travel which could be an issue with this pedal design. To fix the 70% issue, I made another modification to the pedals that allows the adjustment pot (on the side of the pedal) to change the maximum resistance value instead of minimum value as it comes from the factory. Now after power-on and Helix automatic pedal calibration, I put the pedal at maximum travel and then back off the adjustment pot until the parameter drops just below 100%. This works great and fixes my issue. But the next time I power on, I need to make sure the adjustment pot is back to full value so the calibration works properly, and then make this adjustment again. So my question after this long winded explanation is, can I turn off the expression pedal calibration at power on so I don't have to do this every time? Thanks,
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Just bought a Helix rack and floor controller to replace my Axe-FX. I found that there are a lot of tedious patch editing I need to do such as moving foot switches around or setting up scenes etc. I wanted to do this on my laptop while watching TV in another room away from where my Helix is connected to my iMac. I found a tool on-line that acts as a USB server on my iMac and allows me to run the Helix editor on my Windows laptop in another room acting as a USB client: https://www.virtualhere.com/ So far it works great across my home wifi network as long as the iMac does not go to sleep while editing. Hope you may find this useful.
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