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  1. Ok, I tried putting one noise gate after the two sections of amp but the sound is still here, even if I'm using a simple Noise Gate - Treadplate (for example) patch, I can hear that sound. Maybe am I pushing the channel volume and gain level too hard. It seems to reduce the sound if I'm reducing the gain or channel volume Edit : I noticed that the sound was much more present with my active pickups guitars than with the one without them. So I pushed the "Pad" button near the guitar input and it reduced the noise a lot ! It seems that it was my active pickups that caused that strange noise.
  2. Okay, then here's the patch. Core.zip
  3. I tried to set the Decay to zero but the sound is still present. As you said duncann, it's a kind of whooshing. We can hear that sound better when I play with my seven string guitar, here's the recording (with Cubase). When I try to join the patch file, I get an error message. Basically, that sound appears on every heavy patch, and I'm always using Noise gate or Hardgate. Riff 4.mp3
  4. Hi everyone, I'm running through my new Pod HD Pro X and some headphones in it. In my heavy distortion patches, I have a strange end at the end of my guitar signal, I'm not sure if I can explain that clearly so I decided to record it. The sound is present with all my guitars. How can I fix that strange sound ? Thanks. Riff 3.mp3
  5. Hi, I'm thinking about buying a Line 6 POD HD PRO X soon and I was wondering how to connect it to a Marshall 8008 Valvestate and then to a Marshall 4x12 Cab. May I use the unbalanced output in the POD, and which one (L or R ?) ? I'm sorry, this will be my first digital pre-amp and I'm kind of lost in this all. Here are the connections on Marshall 8008. Thank you. :)
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