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  1. Just to let you know - or anyone else having problems: it was a hardware problem, the transmitter was replaced by the shop where i bought it. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Nice to know, but unfortunately not solving my problems. Set to RF1, all other wireless turned off -> line of sight: No Problem, all bars are there. Turning away: Dropout, no bars. Furthermore: When you touch the antenna there's also a dropout. Might be broken :/
  3. Hey there! I own a XD-V75TR for guitar which functions fine - till I turn away from the receiver or someone is standing between transmitter and receiver --> this results in total dropouts (all green lines are gone)! No difference how far I am away. I first thought the older Line6 systems in our room (Relay G30 & XD-V30TR) were the problem, but it still occurs after updating all of them (first run on RF1, after the Monkey update all run on RF2). The problem even exists when I turn off the other systems. I came to the point that something is wrong with my transmitter - because trying the transmitter of my friend's G30 with my V75 receiver works fine! Did I forgot to check anything else? Batteries are full. System is updated. No WiFi at our rehearsal room. Transmitter is on the guitar strap, not in my pocket. No difference between RF1/RF2. No difference between High/Low. thx, Armin!°
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