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  1. 24W x 16D stage...standard live band set up... The dongles are on light trees about 10 to 20 feet away and maybe one on top of a light cluster on top of a speaker stack on my side of the stage. Also used a few to light up scrims on either side of the drum platform. I have a Line6 V75 mic unit in a rack that I looked at to check for open frequencies (channels) and they looked all used except for maybe a few. I tried to use those and still the drop outs were huge.
  2. I have two (2) G50 Wireless Relay units used for guitar and bass in my live band. I constantly experience drop out issues even while standing within two feet of the receiver which is mounted on my peddle board. While using wireless dongles for our lighting, the drop outs got so bad, that we had to use wired setups. We move around a lot so that was a huge bummer to have to stand in one spot. I know the dongles are in the same 2.4 ghz frequency range but is it that narrow of a band that there are not any usable frequencies??
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