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  1. I recently bought a Spider IV 150 watt head. I am using a tab that indicates the lead guitar delay is set at: dotted 1/16 note regeneration. Does any one know how I can achieve this type of delay. Do you use the tap feature for this?
  2. Think I figured it out .. you hold the channel button- A) down while powering on . That's easy enough!
  3. The Spider IV 150 Head. Channels A preset 1 and Channel A preset 2.
  4. I have the Spider IV 150 watt head half stack. A1; A2 being channel A 1 and channels A2. The first and second factory presets. I believe the song preset tone was Johnny B. Goode. The manual says that you can't overwrite the factory presets. You can only tweak those (or create from scratch and store) in channels A,B,C or D, which is what I did. I stored my edited version of that preset in the channel A first and second presets. In other words, I tweaked those versions saving them in A1 and A2. When I get out and go back to the presets using the presets knob and navigation dial, they seemed to be saved in there. I was wondering how to clear what I saved and go back to the original settings in the using the presets knob. Thanks.
  5. I just bought a Spider and was toying around with the presets. I only change A! and A2 just to see how to adjust presets. Can anyone tell me how I can reset them back to the original presets that were there?
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