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  1. oops, false alarm. The files are still available from the developer's website http://rodrigo.memebot.com/files/ (102 is the patch for 3.72) I checked there before posting this thread and originally I was unable to connect, so I just assumed it was gone. Glad it isnt~
  2. I got my first piece of line 6 gear a few days ago (Pod X3 Live, works perfectly so far) and I've taken to controlling it with gearbox for convenience. When I was doing research on it I found out that there was a third-party patch for Gearbox that would repalce the fake amp names with the orignal amp names, like in the picture. I've been searching for it for a few days now and so far every download link for it leads to a dead site. It'd be wonderful if someone who still has it could upload the Real names patch for 3.72 on here~
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