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  1. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated
  2. Hi all. I'm about to buy an AMPLiFi 75 and wanted to know if it will work with iPad1 if I jailbreak it and upload iOS6. I was given the old iPad recently and since I'm an Android user figured this would solve my problems as I've no need for another device. However, I discovered the iPad 1 can't go higher than iOS 5 unless I jailbreak it, and then, from my understanding, upgrade to iOS 6 max. So I'm hoping that if the Line 6 app doesn't work on the iPad 1 it's because of the OS and that it will work on iOS 6. Can anyone help me on this? If the iPad1 is a no go, then what about iPhone 4/4S? I might be able to get one of those, or even trade the iPad for one. It's of no use to me otherwise as I would use it only for the Line 6 app. Thanks for your help. Any tips on the AMPLiFi, or links to them, would be greatly appreciated. I'm a long-time acoustic guitar player (40+ years), but new to the electric guitar--just bought an Epiphone Ltd Ed. Ultra 339. It has a USB port to play through a Laptop or PC and Native Instruments and Guitar Rig software packaged with it, but the AMPLiFi seems a lot more plug-and-play ready. I've been using my old mandolin amp so I'm anxious to get plugged into a real amp.
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