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  1. Where would I find if I have ASIO4ALL installed? The PA speaker has an insturment cable from the jack in the back of the speaker to the headphone jack of the ux2.
  2. I am new to pod farm, I just purchased a UX2 and after all the downloads and updates I have a connection from my guitar to ux2 to pod farm and out my Alto 15" pa speaker. My problem is no matter what I do inside pod farm I have an extremely large amount of echo in my tone even though I do no have anyting more than an amp and cabinet running. I tested the ux2 by running headphones and still have the echo. I have tested different head and cabinet combos but I can not get rid of this echo. I also notice a small amount of delay from the time i strike a note to the time I hear it from the speaker.... what adjustments can I make. Please reply in simple terms, like I said I am new to this.
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